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OOPS gets an upgrade

The Online Offline Publication System is a project being developed by Reflab to answer a very basic need: to have always updated information available in the fields, without the need of a permanent internet connection.

TheĀ OOPS platform has been upgraded to give it support for the first browsers implementing HTML5 offline storage, in particular enabling the OOPS to deliver contents on mobile devices and tablets. Althought not all platforms and browsers support this emerging standard this second release aims to provide support for very widespread platforms such as iPhone and iPad, Android and possibly more.

The new release include a multi-dump function that allow several optimized online-offline output: web, mobile and PDF can be provided out of the box.

Several other improvements have been made: dowload of single subsections of a manual, better management of updates, easy embedding of dynamic (online only) contents, better usability.

See the product page: Online offline Publication System