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OOPS! We are featured on WFP.org blog!

We and our new product for the fields in the official WFP Blog.

OOPS! We are featured on WFP.org blog!

Official WFP Blog

The Online Offline Publication System is a project being developed by Reflab with the World Food Programme (WFP) to answer a very basic need: to have always updated information available in the fields, without the need of a permanent internet connection.

It has been featured today on the Official WFP Blog!

More on Official WFP Blog: http://www.wfp.org/logistics/blog/oops-we-did-it-again

OOPS product page: http://www.reflab.com/solutions/online-offline-publication-system

Riccardo Lemmi and Antonio Tirabasso slide about their talk at python conference

Riccardo, senior developer and Reflab founder, and Antonio, Reflab developer, participated to PyconQuattro in Firenze on 8th and 9th of May.

Python conference is a place where developers, companies and universities meet to learn, work and grow up together.

Riccardo and Antonio have talk about Buildouts: "Un modo estremamaente civile per sviluppare un'applicazione" http://www.pycon.it/conference/talks/zcbuildout-un-modo-estremamente-civile-per-svilupp

Buildout is a Python tool for the creation, development and composition of different types of applications, included those not in Python. Buildout allows to create and reproduce, with a configuration file, the same environment with the same programs at any time. Slides available on Slideshare: http://www.slideshare.net/axaroth/buildout

Riccardo and Antonio also gave a speech on ZODB, the object Zope database; slides available on Slidesharehttp://www.slideshare.net/axaroth/zodb


See also the short report post about the conference: http://axaroth.blogspot.com/


Francesco Ciriaci slides of the talk @ Better Software Conference now available

Francesco, Reflab Managing Director, has published his speech and impressions on his blog.

Francesco presented a different approach to project management, based on his experience in managing international projects and focused on getting more effective in improving overall quality by adopting a less formal but more
powerful approach: creativity. Slides available on slideshare.


See also the short report post about the conference: Inspiration and disillusion at Better Software, Firenze 2010.

Reflab, develops Nicespammer, an innovative system to generate and send newsletters

written in Python, is an easy and agile system to send newsletters.

Reflab, develops Nicespammer, an innovative system to generate and send newsletters

Nicespammer modules

Nicepammer is a system to generate and send e-mails: newsletters, e-alerts and notifications.

It is modular and it is easy to add new functions, it's soft and it's independent from the system to write a newsletter text. It's written in Python.

Also, it allow to have reports about e-mail send end not: people registered to newsletter and people who have read the newsletter.

It can be used from cli or interfaced with a web framework (a Plone bridge is provided). The integration simply requires a folder with some files describing the mails to send. It can send text and html mails without attachments.

Nicespammer has been released as an open source product and Reflab is committed into mantaining and developing it. The product is currently being used in production by several Reflab curstomers.

See more on : : A Newsletter modular system