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Found 3 posts.

Christmas Holidays closing dates

Our offices will be closed from December, the 23th to January, the 2nd.

Reflab will be open normally from Monday 3 January.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and an Happy New Year!!!

The Staff.

Reflab develops a Reserved Area for Gut Distribution

Reflab has created for Gut Distribution a suite of online services for its customers and salesforce.

After logging in GUT Distribution customers can check their latest orders status, verify deliveries, check latest invoices and payments. They can also verify and update their administrative information.

The restricted area, with catalogues, previews of products, etc. can be accessed also by the GUT salesforce, for which some collaboration and specific communication tools have been setup, and by all GUT staff.


See more : Gut Distribution Extranet

Adding HTML5 and mobile to OOPS

OOPS (Online Offline Publication System) new version is coming soon.

In collaboration with WFP, Reflab is working to the new OOPS important release: thanks to the development carried during this year, OOPS will soon have initial support for "HTML5" and other important new features:

  1. HTML5 Support based on emerging standards for offline storage
  2. Mobile support: UI optimized for mobile devices
  3. Mobile offline support: contents produced will be available offline also on mobile platforms browsers: Safari Mobile (iPhone, iPad), Chromium (Android) and we hope soon, Blackberry.
  4. Library of manuals: several manuals with similar layout and content architecture will be easy to create and manage;
  5. PDF Generation: contents will be available also as pdf files with their own style
  6. General Improvements to user Interface, SEO and support for MacOS portable version.

The new release is planned for end January 2011.

More about OOPS.